OFS Line Performance Management Solution

Monitor production performance in real-time. Digitize paper processes. Generate accurate and timely reports. Engage operators.

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Think of the OFS software solution as the central nervous system for the factory. It integrates human and digital manufacturing feedback, forms and workflows into an annotated event thread. This drives actions and conversations, providing a clear picture of what is going on and when.

The OFS software solution will help you manufacture more with less

  • Monitor real time productivity from any device, anywhere, anytime
  • A single source of truth, driving informed decision making
  • Powerful data accuracy, transparency and visibility
The OFS Real time Management with Single source of Truth


Create clarity from manufacturing clutter.

Historical information can be aggregated and analyzed comparing shifts, products or production lines. This empowers management to pinpoint the largest losses and action improvement.


With easily accessible real-time reports, understand your OEE and quickly identify where and why current issues arise. Gain control of your processes and ensure your plant is running at maximum potential.


OFS-X and OFS-Go

OFS-X for automated and OFS-Go for manual production processes.

A software solution that engages the entire organisation and empowers your people.

With accurate real-time data, easily identify and capitalise on your production opportunities.


A solution for batch processes.


Do you trust your compliance processes?

Are forms completed on time and validated? 

Paper forms are error-prone and difficult to audit, store, search and retrieve; OFS-Flow eliminates such limitations.

With OFS-Flow, build e-forms that pop up on cue, ensuring they are completed on time. 


The best operations know what and is happening and when.

“Alert logistics that an order will be completed and ready for dispatch in 30 minutes. Alert maintenance when your line has been down for longer than 15 minutes.”

 Real-time event-driven alerts & triggers can create a timely call to action when things happen on the shop floor, supporting conversations that drive operational excellence.

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OFS Solution


Easy to use visual OEE & workflow software designed specially for operators to spark a conversation around efficiency in real time. Capture operator insights for your Industry 4.0 initiatives.


A complete collection of real time dashboards that focus supervisors and management on immediate opportunities


Choose how and what to view, from annual trends through to minute details. It’s as simple as two or three taps (clicks), on any device


Enterprise tools for managing all aspects of an OFS configuration.


Replace error prone paper forms with searchable </span>audit-able electronic forms. Better for you &amp; better for the environment


Event driven work flows for quality checks, shift reports, long down times even production records.


Import schedules from any ERP, such as SAP, QAD or other any other source directly into our OEE software. Powerful exporting capabilities allow sharing of data between any applications in all standard formats.


A comprehensive RESTful API allows for complete control over all functions in our application.  Calls can be made by web browser or implemented as web services for unlimited integration applications in support of your overall Industry 4.0 initiative
Increase in Daily Production
OEE Improvement
Reduction in waste

“ We guarantee to show you a path to an efficiency improvement of more than 10-20% ROI in a years ”